Visa Credit Card Exclusive Microns & More Clear Henkei Mirage!

{mosimage}Who cares about airline miles and cash back rewards when you can get a free exclusive Micron/Minicon with the newest Visa card?!  Residents of Japan can apply for a new Visa Credit Card featuring a red Autobot version (with Optimus Prime pictured) that comes with a redeco of Minicon Thunderwing named Slingshot, or a purple Decepticon version (with Megatron pictured) with a redeco of Minicon Divebomb named Vortex.  You can view the images, along with teaser information on the next Gentei exclusive figure, at The teaser shows a silhouette of Universe/Henkei Cyclonus, and hints that it will be used for a Strafe redeco!

And that's not all! That are also new images of the upcoming Generations book exclusive Ligier at Million Publishing.

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