The Allspark and Present Toyfair 2009

{mosimage}Once again, like every year, it's ToyFair time in New York City.  What does that mean for you, Allspark neuroloaders?  It means that we'll have up to the minute coverage of everything Transformers-related coming out of Hasbro's big media event, with coverage brought to you by our very own Cheetimus (known to all and sundry as Mark, the @#%[email protected] who won't mow my lawn).  We'll be also be spotlighting the news and content from our partner site,, like we've done for the past several ears. What else does it mean?

 Well, we have an answer for you.  Be on the lookout for coverage from Transformers: Animated, Transformers: Universe, Transformers: Mighty Muggs, Transformers: Robot Heroes, Transformers: Universe Legends, and the big mammajamma of them all, what is looking to be the biggest movie of 2009, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, the Michael Bay-helmed 'splosionfest of awesome starring everyone's favorites from the original movie, plus a pair of all-new, all-different baddies (one of whom might be on fire.)

 The time is now 2:23 PM Eastern Standard Time, which means that Hasbro's no-photography-allowed presentation to media outlets (such as ourself) should be wrapping up at any moment!  We'll have some text-only news as soon as it arrives, and once the official photos-permitted tours start at 3:00 PM Eastern, we'll have pics up of everything you've been drooling over.

Don't forget to check out ASMZine's further coverage of ToyFair, covering all your GI Joe, My Little Pony, Barbie, LEGO, and other needs, as well!  We'd like to thank Phil Zeman, Daniel Lipkowitz, and EntertainmentEarth's Adam Pawlus for their help on this, the Nerds' Christmas!

 And, as always, be sure to discuss all the news that's fit to print– and some that's not!– on our forums.