Scans from Figure Oh March 2009

{mosimage}For Universe/Henkei Dinobot fans wondering how his robot mode will look like, March 2009 issue of Figure Oh (or Figure King) has revealed it, scans courtesy of Dinobot resembles very much like his BW predecessor, and in Henkei fashion, the sword is chromed. In addition to Henkei Dinobot, there's also Henkei Hot Rod (Hot Shot in the US), Henkei Minibot Attack and Spy Teams, previews of RotF Leader Optimus and Deluxe Bumblebee, Alternity Megatron (Blade Silver and Monterey Blue), MP-8 Grimlock packaging (with Henkei Wheelie reenacting from 1986 Transformers: The Movie), Chrono Label Autoceptor/Time Limit, the credit cards and exclusive figures, Henkei Electro Disruptor Ligier from TF Generations 2009 Vol. 1, and the Henkei Visualize story Shot 13.

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