RotF News from ToyFare 140

{mosimage} Issue #140 of ToyFare Magazine came out today, and Transformers fans have not one, but two reasons to pick it up! The issue features two stories on Revenge of the Fallen; from toy images of Leader Prime, Preview Bumblebee and Soundwave, to Hasbro designer interviews, and even an interview with Lorenzo di Bonaventura even though it has almost nothing to do with toys! Among the numerous bit of information that can be found are such interesting tidbits as Devastator's height in the movie (100-120 feet!), more articulation for Robot Heroes, initial wave figures ("Sidswipe, Sideways, Bulldozer, Voyager and many others"), a transforming Bumblebee pulse cannon, and much, much more!

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Important details of the coverage:

– Images of ROTF toys for Leader class Optimus Prime, Preview Bumblebee, Preview Soundwave, and the Voyager Class Starscream figure.
– Lorenzo believes the timeframe of ROTF is about one year after Movie #1.
– When asked about the challenge of creating Devastator on screen, Lorenzo mentions that Bay had the challenge in the first movie of having 30 foot robots. In the second movie, Bay has the challenge of having a robot almost four times that. Expect Devastator to be 100 to 120 feet tall in the movie.
– Archer said he couldn't give away the plot point, but there's a reason that Soundwave is designed the way he is for the movie. Hasbro had a more basic toy need. So, the two were blended together.
– Toy launch date confirmed as May 30th. A few weeks before, Bumblebee and Soundwave will be released.
– Characters mentioned in the initial wave are "Sideswipe, Sideways, Bulldozer, Voyager and many others". Promise of more off-screen characters.
– Robot Heroes will have better articulation
– Bumblebee helmet has voice mixer
– Bumblebee converting pulse cannon
– Big ticket deluxe item for the year is still "top-secret"
– Gravity Bots are geared towards younger kids. Convert automatically when you pick them up.
– A Megan Fox Human Alliance figure is on Archer's "wish list".

Spoilers below:





The Fallen's origin confirmed:
He is one of the original 13 Transformers. Lorenzo said to think of the 13 as "apostles". The Falen is the one who turns and is the reason Transformers split into Autobots and Decepticons.