RotF FAB Ratchet, Jetfire and Long Haul

{mosimage} Yizhi521 of has posted three new images of upcoming Revenge of the Fallen toys. The trio are all Fast Action Battlers; Jetfire, Ratchet and Long Haul. Ratchet now sports a yellow color scheme with green splotches and a US Army type white star. Long Haul, as his name would imply, is a green dump truck, and, as you may already know, Jetfire is the SR-71 Black Bird. Since the images are of the back of the figure's cards, you can also read their bios–from Long Haul's complaining to Jetfire's quest to bring his former allies to justice!

Click here to see the images! And then discuss them here in BassX0's thread on the Allspark.