ROTF Case Assortments

{mosimage} General Tekno of TFW2005 has found a full list of case assortments for ROTF figures at!

Here's the Lowdown:

Case 1: Green Eco Car, Desert Brawl, Truck Bot, Street Motorcycle, Smoke Screen

Case 2: Cannon Bumblebee, Barricade, Wolf, Eco Car Orange

Case 3: Sattelite, Bumblebee

Case 4: Bumblebee, European Sports Car, American Sports Car, Bulldozer, New Jet


Case 1:  Optimus Prime, Starscream, Red Excavator, Ironhide

Case 2: Optimus Prime, ironhide, Voyager Alien Form, Autobot Ratchet

Optimus Prime, Megatron

You can see speculations on the identities of some of these toys, here ,or investigate for yourself at Golden Age!