Notes from the Hasbro Toy Fair 2009 toy presentation

{mosimage} The first few notes from our Toy Fair 2009 reporter, Cheetimus, have come in! There's definitely a lot of interesting information here, and expect more info as well as images to come later today!

The large Revenge of the Fallen Devastator doesn't have individual robot modes.  Expect to see individual, non-combining Constructions that have robot modes though. Also, there are 6 Constructicons, not 7 as rumored before.

Large toys (supreme size I assume) aren't cost effective in today's economy, so if they do them they have to be strongly integrated into the fiction

The Constructicon that's been leaked–the one nicknamed "Mr. Scoops" by fans–is named Demolisher.

Another Constructicon was on display as well. This one turns into a bulldozer, whose treads become whips in robot mode. His name is Rampage.

The Sam that comes with the Human Alliance Bumblebee will be able to stay in BB when he's transformed in vehicle or robot modes.

Robot Replicas will have better articulation and sculpting than the ones in 2007.

Jolt, the Chevy Volt, will first be released as a Fast Action Battler with a regular toy coming later.

Gravity Bots transform but they're very simple; they have spring loaded panels that make them turn into "robot mode" when you pick them up.

Animated Soundwave comes with a keytar that turns into Ratbat

The only Universe items on display were the ones that fans already know about. The representatives didn't want to answer many questions about the line as RotF was their main push.

The same goes for Animated. They wouldn't discuss if the show was canceled, but they did say that they've enjoyed what they saw of Season 3.

Also, the believe that the sticky paint issues have been resolved.

Lastly, those that attended received flash drives with presentation stuff. So check back later for more updates on that information!