More Animated Cancellation Rumors

{mosimage} The streets flow with the tears of a thousand Animated fans! Yesterday, Neale Davison of gave us the first report that the entire line of Animated toys has been canceled by Target and Walmart stores. A similar, perhaps much more credible, report was just made by TFW2005's Kickback. He says that the Animated line has an end date of May 29th, 2009–the same day as the Revenge of the Fallen toys are scheduled to hit store shelves. Anything past the toys that are currently shipping or in warehouses are seemingly no longer destined for retail stores.  Animated fans, it looks like your favorite toy line has seen its last toys…Maybe. It's still just a rumor at this point, as nothing has been confirmed by Hasbro.

Click here to see report on TFArchive, and here to see what Kickback has to say. Then click here to discuss it on the Allspark. Remember, we do have a swear filter!