IDW’s Panel at New York Comic Con

{mosimage}IGN's got the coverage of IDW's Sunday panel at New York Comic Con, and talk about a doozy for IDW, celebrating their 10th anniversary.

Foremost for the Transformers fans in the 25th anniversary sense: "All Hail Megatron Coda" is a 4-issue mini starting in July, each issue with two short stories bridging the gap between and setting the stage for some "very huge, secret plans." Upcoming materials from IDW include: a 16-page poster book; the AHM trade paperback; two omnibuses, that of Dreamwave's War Within and IDW's Beast Wars; and Spotlights spotlighting Jazz, Drift, and Metroplex. Yes, you read right. SPOTLIGHT METROPLEX, by Andy Schmidt and Marcelo Matere.

The other part of the panel covered their plans for GI Joe, such as a prequel tying into with the movie, their own Spotlights, and Combat Heroes kids book (akin to the Robot Heroes for Transformers).