Hasbro Not Catching IDW’s Drift? Ryall Says Otherwise

{mosimage}Australia-based Ozformers recently had a Q&A with the Australian branch of Hasbro and one question/answer of particular stood up. When Drift was first introduced back at San Diego Comic Con 2008, it had been said that he'll be getting his own toy. HOWEVER, Hasbro Australia says otherwise:

Q – A comic book website last week with writer Shane McCarthy confirmed the upcoming 'Autobot Drift' toy. Will this be in the 25th line, and when is it likely to be released?

A – No, there is no character named Autobot Drift or any toy designed after the comic character coming out in our 25th Anniversary or any other Transformers line.

Keep in mind that this is coming from Hasbro Australia, not the main headquarters from Rhode Island. We contacted IDW Editor-in-chief Chris Ryall and he replied that "an official production date's just not locked in so [he's] sure Hasbro AU hasn't even heard of it yet. They will."

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