ganbo-store Q&A for Credit Card Microns & Henkei Strafe!

{mosimage}Thanks to Ricochet we have a translation of the Q&A update at ganbo-store regarding the upcoming exclusive Minicons and Henkei Strafe Cyclonus redeco.

Q. I'll apply to Autobots card, but I want to Decepticon Micron and Quo card.
A. Sorry, we can't provide any goodies of opposite faction to you. but you can purchase Exclusive Strafe whichever you are on.

Q. is Strafe's number limited?
A. No. it's production-on-order.

Q. When can we see colored Strafe figure?
A. No idea right now.

Q. Any plans of another card member exclusive figures in the future?
A. Yes. we'll notice members thru Basecamp when it comes.

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