Galleries of RotF Voyager Prime and Voyager Whirl

{mosimage}Double gallery time for two Voyagers from the Revenge line! GenZhao at TFW2005 has new high resolution photos of Voyager Optimus Prime with better shots of the Chinese characters on him. The pair on top of his cab is more or less "Top General" (Five-Star General, if you will), while the ones on his hood have been translated to "Shanghai General". Also, has a gallery of Voyager Whirl–a redeco of Voyager Evac for the first film, who was in turn a redeco/retool of Voyager Blackout also from Transformers.

Gaze at the Autobot's Boss Bot here, and admire Whirl at The-Arker. Or you can check out the images mirrored in the Image Gallery.