Botcon 2009 Brochure Now Up!

{mosimage} Thinking about heading out to Pasadena for this year's Botcon? Well, just up at is their handy-dandy brochure chalk full of reasons to attend! The big reason for a lot of fans is the convention set of toys, which will be entitles Wings of Honor, or in other words, the Autobot Elite Guard! It will include all of your old favorites like Kup, Thunderclash, Flak, Landshark and Scourge…Ok, so maybe Landshark isn't an "old favorite". The tours will be of Universal Studios Hollywood and "A day in Hollywood".  Perfect for all of you star-struck fans! Prices are $85 and $65, respectively. And you can expect registration forms sometime next week, Tuesday-Friday.

Click here to see the brochure! And then discuss it here.