Animated Animation Models and Spoilers

{mosimage}S250 of the 2005 Boards is at it again, this time with images AND spoiler information! He's posted a few images, some a tad too spoiler-y to say what they've of. The first is Autobot Highbrow–whose design was previously partially revealed in the Club Magazine, next is a lab where…well it's a lab, then it's Arcee with her head opened revealing a bunch of wires, instructions for how Cyclonus is to transform on the show, Sari with a different look, Magnus that's…well also a different look, a Space Bridge planetoid, Actionmaster Mainframe, a generic Autobot, and finally a number of images that show the main Autobot cast in a different light! He also mentions what the valuable data that Arcee was carrying when her memor was wiped.

Click here to see the original post, or here to see them mirrored in Bass X0's thread on the Allspark! Watch out for spoilers though!

*Update* a couple of scale chart images have now been added to the above links as well. Now you can see how Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Brawn, Beachcomber, Highbrow, Spittor (fiirst time in robot mode), Cyclonus, Blackout, Megatron, Lugnut and Strika stack up next to each other!