AllSpark Almanac: Seekers Galore (or Not)

{mosimage}Jim Sorenson has a page that was cut from the AllSpark Almanac, containing much of the Seekers used in Animated, starting with Starscream and his clones, as well some that aren't Seekers, in various lighting. For those disappointed that this page won't appear in the Almanac, never fear! Here's what Jim had to say:

And if you're sad that this page wont' appear in the book, have no fear. 8 of these 21 images are slated to appear in the book, and much larger than they'd be on this page. At least, that's my current thinking, these things do change a bit. Yes, Starscream and clones get plenty of love.

Fly on a wing to check it out at Jim's blog, and drop your thoughts off here at NightViper's thread!