Waspinator Bio on Animated Season 2 DVD Set

{mosimage} The season 2 DVD box set of Transformers Animated has a photo gallery as one of the special features, and along with the images is a bio for the characters making an appearance in the gallery. So when Waspinator's mug popped up on their TV screens, fans were thrilled to finally get a chance to read about the character! It seems as though the bug's origins are tied to another semi-organic Decepticon…click here to find out how!

Then click here to discuss the new bio on the Allspark. Thanks to Shadowmask for the news!

Decepticon: Waspinator
"Waspinator rules!"
Driven crazy by years locked in an Autobot prison, Waspinator is determined to take revenge on the robot who put him there – Bumblebee. Now, after bizarre experiments conducted by Blackarachnia, he finally has the power to make his vengeance a reality. He has come to Earth hunting the Autobot speedster, and he will not stop until Bumblebee is a pile of smoking scrap.