“Transformers Generations 2009 Vol. 1”

{mosimage}Japanese publisher Million Publishing, known for releasing "Fight! Super Robot Life Transformer: The Comics", "Transformers Visual Works", and "Transformers Generations"/"TF Generations Deluxe", are going to release "Transformers Generations 2009 Vol. 1" come Feburary 16 at 2100 Yen (roughly $23 USD). The multiple volumes will be an updated and expanded catalog of the original "Transformers Generations," which may possibly mean that they'll be covering series after G1/G2. Volume 2 will be released in April, and Volume 3 is set to be out on June. In addition to that, TFW has a photo of a black repaint of Nissan GT-R Alternity Convoy from a Super Festival 2009 flyer. According to the flyer, it is highly possible that the black Alternity Convoy is exclusive "proof-of purchase" figure.

Click here to see it at Million Publishing's front page, here for the black Alternity Convoy pic at TFW.


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