Transformers Generations #1 Exclusive Disruptor Mode Ligier!!!

{mosimage}Those fans anxious to get the newest edition of Transformers Generations have an extra incentive to pick up the first issue.  TakaraTomy is going to offer an exclusive coupon to order a redeco of Henkei Ligier (Mirage) dubbed Electro Disruptor Ligier.  While in theory similar to the Botcon Exclusive freebie figure in 2007, this exclusive mimics the e-Hobby Exclusive Binaltech figure of the same name.  Electro Disruptor Mirage replaces the original's blue plastic with translucent black, his gray (or blue on the Henkei version) for white, and the remaining plastic with clear colorless plastic.  He appears to retain the same paint layouts as the normal Ligier, only in different colors.

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