TCC Year 5 Sneak Peek

{mosimage} The Transformers Collectors' Club has updated its front page and its deviantART pages with a couple small sneak peeks at its year 5 story, "Reunification"! In addition to images of a damaged Alpha Trion, they also inform use that Robby Musso of Spotlights Ramjet and Ultra Magnus will be doing the art for the Club Magazine Comic! 

We are pleased to announce that Robby Musso will be on art duties for the Year 5 TCC Magazine Club Comic story "Reunification." Having worked on Spotlight Ultra Magnus and Ramjet, we are excited for fans to see what he will bring to the TCC Magazine.

Reunification begins in Issue 25 and picks up after the Year 4 story, "Transcendent". In Issue 25 there will also be a recap of all of the events that have led to this climatic final chapter of our 5 year story arc.

Click here to go to the Club's main page, and here to go to its deviantART page!