“Revenge” Listings: Voicechanger Helmets and Ultimate Bumblebee

{mosimage}Japanese online store Red Mercury has listings of those voice changing helmets of Optimus painted with battle damage that may resemble what was shown on the EMPIRE magazine, and Bumblebee, where you can mix and match radio sound effects. No actual photos for Bumblebee yet, while the one for Optimus is a place holder from his 2007 helmet release. Both will be 5229 Yen, roughly $50 USD. There's also a listing for an Ultimate Bumblebee that'll sport a more accurate paint scheme, remolded flip-down battle-mask, and a new arm weapon.

Click here for the Optimus helmet listing, here for Bumblebee Voicechanger helmet listing, and here for Ulimate Bumblebee.