Re-sale of Children’s Products to Become Illegal?

{mosimage} Increased concern about lead-based products being used to manufacture children's products has led to a drastic new law. According to the U.S. Consumer Products and Safety Commission, starting February 10th, 2009 it will become illegal to re-sell any children's clothing, toys, or other products designed for children under 12 without it first being tested for lead. Yes, that would include Transformers toys as well. Garage sales, online and offline auction houses, Goodwills and similar second-hand shops, it's unclear just how wide the breadth of the law will be, and the Commission is refusing to comment on the specifics. Could it be one day illegal to go out and buy G1, G2, Beast Wars, RID, etc. figures, since they can at this point only be acquired second-hand?

Click here to read a news article on the law from KVUE Austin, Texas, or discuss this news here on the Allspark. Thanks to Paladin for pointing it out.