New Toy Forum 2009 Images; Second set of Encore Cassettes, Henkei Dinobot!

{mosimage} It looks like more Takara Tomy toys than just the Chrono Label watch were on display at Toy Forum 2009! New images have surfaced showing Masterpiece Grimlock, Disney Label, Chrono Label, Henkei and Encore Cassettrons. Of interest in these images is that Masterpiece Grimlock seemingly will still be coming with the server tray and apron that have been absent from recent pictures of the toy. Also, on display among the Encore Cassettrons is a second set featuring Slugfest, Ratbat, Steeljaw and Ramhorn! And let's not forget Henkei! On display for that line was Henkei Dinobot, Alert, Smokescreen, Ratchet, the Minibots and Inferno!

Click here to see the images mirrored in our gallery, and then discuss them here. Thanks to xZAOx, and Japanese toy blog Hobby Stock for the news!