New Image of RotF Wreckage Repaint

{mosimage} has posted a few new images of upcoming Transformers toys. First is a new image of the Wreckage repaint for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen! Although he's still just in vehicle mode, this image also includes one of his "energy" weapons (now purple instead of red), which gives us a hint at some of the colors that will be visible in robot mode. Also in the image you can see the two versions of Universe Ratchet, without and without hood deco. It's not yet known which will be the final production run.

Next is a shot of Alternity Convoy in vehicle mode. The picture lets us see pretty much what the final figure will look like, ad how it does truly look like a miniature Alternator/Binaltech.

Click here for the Wreckage repaint, and here for the Alternity Convoy image.