Garage Kit Hearts of Steel Optimus Prime and Auction

{mosimage}For the custom lovers, Eric Chan, AKA griffith76, had created a custom 6.5 inch Hearts of Steel Optimus Prime garage kit some time back and is now open for pre-orders. However, there's a couple catches before you start bombing his email: it's not a complete toy, it's a garage kit. Which means customers will have to be assembling the boss-bot themselves. On a brighter side, custom painter sabrina_ng_85 has painted two HoS Optimus figures in his traditional red and blue, as well a black version of him and they're both up on eBay.

Click here for Eric's blog entry on the disclaimers and rules, here for the painted HoS Primes on eBay. Thanks to Allsparker doubleclouder's thread!