First RotF Constructicon Shown

{mosimage} Fans have been giddy ever since the news first came out that the Constructicons may be making an appearance for the Revenge of the Fallen line. So imagine the enthusiasm now that images of the toys are now starting to hit the net! The first toy is a giant red and white steam shovel…comparable in size to a Voyager! Although the transformation doesn't seem correct, the image appears to show the head and shoulders mode for Devastator, but no individual robot. Take that as you will.
*Update* Or maybe not! Seibertron has now posted a rumor that the head and split shovel arms are for a small robot mode, and the seemingly missing legs are replaced by one of the treads from the vehicle mode. Click here for more on this rumor.

Click here or here to see the images over at or Then discuss them here in Octavius Prime's thread on the Allspark!