Botcon Toy Teaser Posted on TCC Forums

{mosimage} Brian Savage has made one of his somewhat rare appearances on the Transformers Collectors' Club forums, and what he had to say may be interesting to those going to Botcon! He posted a short, cryptic teaser about the set of exclusive toys that will be available at the convention.

OK, while we are working on finalizing the convention details, brochure and registration forms, we wanted to start the speculation game:
"For one young Autobot…" is all we have revealed so far. While we tend to guard the convention sets and souvenirs closely, I want to let you know that we are very excited about what we have waiting in the wings!

The set we have planned features a team of select Autobots never before featured in G1 in this way. The timeline we are spotlighting is new, yet very familiar…

Let the games begin!

Click here to go to the TCC homepage and sign in to see the original post. Or if you want to dicuss the teaser info here on the Allspark, click here. Thanks to xZAOx for the heads up.