Universe Ultra Darkwing on the way?

{mosimage} When there's trouble, you call DW! (That's Darkwing, not Dream Wave.) While the name and character are not yet fully concrete, that's certainly who a new image on TF08.net seems to be depicting. The toy is a dark gray and purple repaint of the Ultra Silverbolt mold with lightning bolts painted on the wings and blue accents; very reminiscent of the Decepticon Powermaster. So for those with Botcon's Dreadwind, he may no longer feel all alone on your Universe/Classics shelf!

Click here to see the image, and here to discuss it on the Allspark. Thanks to RavageX-9 for pointing it out! 

*Update* Now comes a rumor that the toy will be named "Darkwind", and will be a Toys R Us exclusive. And since the latest TRU exclusives have come in twos; the other toy is said to be "Countdown"! Although the figure that he will repainted from is not known.

Click here to see the rumor over at TFW2005.


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