’s Take on KO Metroplexes

{mosimage}Those that ordered Encore Metroplex from but got his KO version instead might have a happy Christmas. Spokesperson Curt talked with Seibertron's Stormrider that:

Only a fraction of the orders purchased in December from us are the KO, so if yours shipped before December it is 100% authentic. We purchased from 4 different suppliers to get enough inventory for the holiday sale, and less than 10% of the stock shipped was the holiday sale. If your order shipped before December then, you have nothing to worry about.

In addition to that, D Unit at also has this to add from

At our cost, we also have purchased twice the amount of legitimate figures as KO’s shipped out, to fill any claims, from a legitimate supplier. So by all means please send your purchase back no questions asked, and we will send a replacement as well as refund shipping for the inconvenience. Normally we are good at identifying this product but the information regarding the counterfeit wasn’t readily available and we also received so many orders during the holiday, we really weren’t looking for it, so it is our oversight. Apologies for the unfortunate situation.

Click here to read the original at Seibertron, and here for the updated details at (scroll down near the end).