TCC Store Holiday Sale

{mosimage} Are you looking for some great deals this holiday season? Then don't forget to check out the Transformers Collectors' Club Store, before it's too late! They are now offering members a chance to pick up Animated Voyagers Bulkhead, Megatron and Starscream for just $9.99 each. Or if you're not a member, they're still just $12.99! Also, check out their new sale on the first two Club Store exclusive figures; a set of Airazor and Astrotrain is currently only $89 — that's only $2 more than Astrotrain's normal pricing! Finally, pick up a nice and warm 2006 Botcon knit hat for only $3!

Click here to go to the Club Store, or click here to discuss this sale in G.B. Blackrock's thread on the Allspark.