New Henkei Photos of Hound, Cheetas, and Hot Rod

{mosimage}For the Henkei!Henkei! fans, here's a bevy of photos for those three figures. Hound (with Ravage) and Cheetas have been spotted via the Higekuma Toy Toy blog outside their packaging. Both have comparison photos to previous/other incarnations: Hound with his original G1 release, Cheetas compared to his Universe self and the old Deluxe Cheetor released back in 1996/1997. eHobby has pics where Hot Rod (Armada Hot Shot) is sporting slightly different paints and two accessories thought not possible earlier.

Click here for Higekuma's blog entry on Hound (photos mirrored here), blog entry here for Cheetas (photos mirrored here), and here for Hot Rod at eHobby (his photos mirrored here) – drop by Blot's thread here to discuss on Hot Rod.