New Figures In Stock at HTS

{mosimage} Hasbro Toy Shop is getting into the holiday spirit putting a large variety of new Transformers up for order! Robot Heroes, Legends, Universe Deluxe, Universe Voyagers, Animated Deluxes…phew! So if you don't feel like braving the holiday shopping mobs at the retail stores in an effort to find Cyclonus or Inferno, here's you're chance!

Also, the HTS/Asian market exclusives are now in stock as well. So if you'd like to get your hands on these Universe Special Edition figures, be sure to check them out too!

And as you're checking out, don't forget that HOLIDAY25 will get you 25% off of your order, and that an order over $50 gets free shipping! Click here to go to Hasbro Toy Shop.

You can discuss the Deluxes and Voyagers here, the Special Edition figures here, and the coupon codes here!