Give Your Transformers Back Their Pearly White!

{mosimage} Has the sun grabbed a hold of your collection, turning your toys from glistening white to dingy yellow? Looking for a way to repair all those years of sun damage and make your figure look new? Coming from Catilla on is a new process that will accomplish just that! It cleans, it shines, it eliminates the toughest of stains! Just get yourself some of the more concentrated H2O2 (around 20-30%, not just the bottles that you can pick up at Walmarts or Targets. Those work, but not nearly as well), drop your figure in the bath of Hydrogen Peroxide, and watch it bubble. In a couple of days, your figure will be back to its former, sparkly self!

A note of warning though, with this process being relatively new, any side effects (including the Peroxide possibly weakening the stability of the plastics) aren't yet well known. So while you may want to try this out on a few of your lesser valuable figures, you may want to hold off on that Victory Saber for a little bit longer…

And another note, perhaps a more important one, this concentration of H2O2 is nasty stuff. Make sure that you take every precaution possible to prevent contact with your skin and especially your eyes. And then remember to dispose of it properly–don't just pour it down the drain.

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