First Images of TCC Year 5 Combiner – Heatwave!!

{mosimage}It's been a long time coming, but the final figure from the Official Transformers Collectors' Club combiner set is only months away.  It first started with Skyfall (followed by Landquake, Breakaway, and Topspin), and it will now end in 2009 with Heatwave!  Heatwave is a retool of Energon Barricade, featuring an all new (not shown) Combiner Head!  As is expected Heatwave appears to be a Decepticon from the Shattered Glass Universe, but surprisingly also sports an Autobot symbol in vehicle mode.  Like the previous fan club exclusives, Heatwave is free with a 2009 club membership subscription (you must have an active membership by March 16th 2009 to get Heatwave for free with the membership).  Note: These images are a mockup of the upcoming figure and not the actual product – which is likely to feature translucent plastic.

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