Empire Article Details

{mosimage} TFW2005 User Alienbot received his copy of Empire Magazine, and they have more information about ROTF!  He's posted notables for us, but there are spoilers.  You can click the article title to check them out here, or see em over at TFW2005 !

*Bay and LaBeouf confirm the Fallen is a separate character. End of.
*Egyptian hieroglyphics turn out to be depictions of Transformers who visited Earth.
*Bay claims Megatron is not coming back and the tank is just a new toy.
*Around 40 robots.
*Budget is $200 million.
*Ramon Rodriguez is the one holding on for dear life to a pole while cars are flung.
*Devastator appears at the pyramid, he's probably 50 feet tall because that's the height of the camera crane they used on location.