Details on Reissue Cassettes and Henkei Minibots

{mosimage}Last week news came of an upcoming reissue release of Transformers G1 Cassettes Ravage, Laserbeak, Rewind, and Eject as well as Henkei releases of the Universe Legends (Minicar) figures.  We now have some more details on these releases.  The Cassette reissue set is dubbed Encore 15 Casette Daisakusen (Big Mission) Vol.1.  The Vol. 1 may hint at future Cassette releases based on this episode.  Also Henkei Minibot Attack Team will feature Cliffjumper (instead of Bumblebee), Beachcomber, and Brawn while the Spy Team will feature Warpath Wheelie and Cosmos.  This will mark the first release of Cliffjumper in the Henkei line (a red Classics Bumblebee redeco was never released for this line).  The Minibots are also said to sport more cartoon accurate details than their Hasbro counterparts.

You can view the Cassette, Spy Team, and Attack Team listings at e-Hobby (in Japanese).  You can view the original source of information here, and discuss the news here.