Dec. 6 Sneak-Peek Report from IDW Parking Lot Sale

{mosimage}IDW held their first annual Customer Appreciation Sale at their office's parking lot on December 6, and not passing up the opportunity to pick up some IDW comics I might've missed, drove down to San Diego to check it out. In addition to seeing fans of other licenses IDW is handling (30 Days, CSI, Doctor Who, Angel), I was able to have a conversation with writer/graphic designer Chris Mowry, who shared some Transformers comics tidbits that won't be revealed until later.

Chris Ryall's blog post here with two pictures I took that day.

As the sale was to start at 10am, I left Los Angeles after 6am and went southbound on Interstate-5, despite there being not really any morning rush on a Saturday (word of advice: do time it correctly so you don't get blinded during sunrise while driving). Getting to the main office is easy enough but seeing it itself actually is slightly tricky, as it can be easy to miss if you're driving too fast and the logo is nearly hidden by trees.

After helping out one of the IDW employees set up signs leading to the parking lot sale, I was able to catch up with both Chrises Ryall and Mowry after borrowing their facilities. Quick words were exchanged between Ryall and I (regarding some discussion over at the IDW forum), as he had to get back to setting up the boxes, but Mowry was able to have a longer talk and shared some tidbits, plus giving me a sneak peek of things to come.

Those eagerly anticipating the "Revenge of the Fallen" tie-in comics will probably enjoy Alliance #1, to which Mowry wrote excellently on following after the first film (as stated in his blog) and tying into "Reign of Starscream". For those who greatly enjoyed the movie, as I did, Alex Milne has put in a couple Easter eggs that certainly brought smiles to my face several times. "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Prequel – Alliance #1" hits the shelves on December 17.

Defiance also ties into the film, further expanding the movie universe by going back, as reported by CNI here earlier. Dan Khanna and Andrew Griffith contribute to the artwork, with Josh Perez again on the colors. But art fans can keep a sharp eye out for when later issues of Defiance are released. Mowry promised that we're in for quite a surprise come Issue #3.

Mowry reaffirms that Spotlight Jazz will be drawn by EJ Su, as revealed by Denton Tipton earlier. Fans might be surprised as to who is handling writing duties, but Mowry said Denton will be revealing that soon. Sadly, I'm still in the dark as everybody else regarding who gets to color EJ's detailed lines.

We were able to drag Ryall back into Mowry's office for the two quick photos before they had to head back out front. Much to my surprise, I was able to receive my copy of Maximum Dinobots #1 signed by Mowry. 

In short, it was wonderful to be able to chat with them again, even if it meant being overwhelmed with Transformers-comic info overload.