25th Robot Heroes, Legends Out in the US!

{mosimage} Joining the Deluxes that have recently started showing up at Targets come a few sightings of Robot Heroes Wave 10 (25th Robot Heroes Wave 1) and Legends Wave 4 (25th Legends Wave 1)! The Robot Heroes were spotted at a Walmart in S. Sioux City, NE, and the Legends in California. And for those that need a reminder, this wave of Robot Heroes consists of Snarl/Sharkticon, Cheetor/Tankor, and Perceptor/Hardshell, and the Legends include Beachcomber, Classics Bumblebee, Brawn, and Animated Starscream!

Click here to see the Robot Heroes sighting by Allspark member kmfdmsgod, and here to see the Legends sighting from TFW2005! 

Or for those that don't want to wait, HTS now has the Robot Heroes in stock! Click here, here and here to see their order pages!