Unreleased G2 Greasepit and Gobots Racing Rig Bio Revealed!

{mosimage} After 13 years, the bio for this unreleased Generation 2 Gobots figure has finally been revealed! A new eBay auction has popped up for a whole slew of materials for the set. Bio card art, bio text, pop up card…it's all there! It turns out that the figure is not only a repaint of the Gearhead Gobots character, but he's his brother as well!

Function: Stunt Racer/Warrior
"Fifth Gear–No Fear!"
Like his brother, Gearhead, he's a stock car built for speed! Lives on the edge. Seeks thrills and danger around every corner. Far more intense and daring than his sibling counterpart. When not in battle, enjoys the roar of crowd while performing his spectacular stunts. Chassis construction sustains high-altitude landings. Reinforced body panels absorb impacts with obstacles. Never travels without customized Racing Rig, which helps him "drop-in" on unsuspecting Decepticons!
Strength: 8, Speed: 10, Rank: 5, Firepower: 6, Intelligence: 5, Endurance: 10, Courage: 10, Skill: 6

Click here to see the auction, and then here to discuss the bio. Thanks to Bass X0 and TFW2005 for the heads up! And for more about the toy, check out its Transformers Wiki entry here.