Transformers Collectors’ Club Reveals New Magazine Feature

{mosimage} The Transformers Collectors' Club has updated its site with a preview of a new feature starting in the next issue of the Club Magazine. The feature will be a series of G1-inspired tech specs for the characters in the third season of Transformers Animated! The teaser image is of a tech spec for Ironhide, but it says that we can expect ten of the tech specs inside the next issue of the Club Magazine, including Rodimus and Strika's crews! So it looks like we'll get a peek at how these characters will fit into the story, well before the third season airs! And they won't stop at ten, rather they'll continue the feature throughout 2009 and will finish with a total of 22 tech specs when all is said and done.

Click here to see the teaser tech spec, and then discuss it here on the Allspark!