Transformers Animated Toy News from Designer Eric Siebenaler

{mosimage}Ozformers Admin griffen has posted details from an Australian Transformers promotional event. During the event, Hasbro Designer Eric Siebenaler dropped some Animated toy news, and a brief comment on the movie tie-in line.

The major news comes for Animated, where Siebenaler revealed that a smaller, in-scale Bumblebee toy was in the works that would come with a larger accessory. He also anounced a Bulkhead redeco, that would be in-line with Elite Guard Bumblebee and Rescue Ratchet, and that there were 'plans' for a fourth season of Animated. As for the Movie, he reports that there will be no Activators or Unleashed figures for the Revenge of the Fallen Toyline.

You can check out the full report here!