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{mosimage} Fans looking to get a jump on the Target Transformers Universe exclusives may want to look at the store's website. currently has both Comic Packs (Autobot Ambush and Standoff Beneath the Streets) and both Legends 5-packs (Special Teams Leaders and Aerial Rivals) in stock and ready to ship! Click the following links to see the listings:

Autobot Ambush (Dirge vs. Roadbuster)
Standoff Beneath the Streets (Springer vs. Ratbat)
Special Teams Leaders (Razorclaw, Hot Zone, Hun-Gurrr, Scattorshot, Silverbolt)
Aerial Rivals (Thrust, Ramjet, Blades, Skydive, Air Raid)

Then click here to discuss the products in stock. Thanks to Bleargh001 for the heads up!


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