Target Cutting TF Prices, Free Shipping or 15% Off From Toys R Us.Com

{mosimage} Haven't gotten a Sentinel Prime yet?  Still hesitating on Universe Galvatron?  It might be a good time to get out and buy some of those toys you just haven't bought.

Target's across the nation have been dropping prices on Deluxe TF figures to $7.79, likely to keep up with Walmart, who's had them at similar low prices. 

If you prefer Toy's R Us for your TF needs, Toys R' has free shipping on select TF items, with no minimum purchase!  Check out the list here .   And if that weren't enough, if the bot you want isn't on that list, here's an online coupon for 15% off any one toy item!

Thanks to Seibertron for the heads up!  Their story on Target Prices is Here , and the Toy's R Us deals Here .