Target Comic Pack 2-Packs Sighted in the US

{mosimage} US fans jealous of our neighbors to the north for already having the Transformers Universe Comic Packs and Legends 5-packs can now be a little less jealous. The Springer vs. Ratbat set was found by TFormers member timothyVritchey in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, which means the Dirge vs. Roadbuster was probably close by at one point too. So now may be the time to run to those price scanners to check and see if there are cases of these toys waiting in the back rooms of your local Target!

Here are some DPCIs that may come in handy as more sightings of the Target exclusives come out:
087-06-2061 Legends 5-Pack
087-06-2062 Voyager/Deluxe Comic Packs
087-06-2068 Animated Deluxe with Legends

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