New Robot Heroes Images Revealed

{mosimage}Thanks to Allsparker KidTDragon, we have the first images of the upcoming Transformers Robot Heroes figurines!  Some of these figures were previously shown but this is the first time many have been shown to the general public.  Among the new figures are G1 Prowl, Laserbeak, Perceptor, Hardshell (Bombshell), Snarl (Slag), Sharkticon (Gnaw), Ricochet (black & gold Jazz), Predaking, Beast Wars Inferno, Tigatron (Cheetor recolor – surprisingly in original Tigatron colors and not cartoon colors), Beast Machines Cheetor, Tankor, Robots In Disguise Megatron (Gigatron), and Optimus Prime (Fire Convoy).

You can view the images here and discuss them in the ongoing thread here.