New images of Upcoming Transformers Figures

{mosimage} Getting bored on your Thanksgiving break? Need a little diversion to lift your spirits? Various members of have posted new images of upcoming Transformers figures, all for your entertainment (and partially for their monetary gain)!

First up is a new image of Universe 25th Anniversary Dinobot in dino mode. Unfortunately, he's still mis-transformed, but at least you can get a good look at Hasbro's colorscheme for the ol' Scalebelly. You can see the image here.

Next is Universe Legends Class Wheelie, and for the first time in actual plastic color rather than as a hand-painted sample! Click here for Wheelie!

And lastly, a new toy that hadn't previously been known about. This toy looks to be a repaint of the Wreckage figure that came out for the Transformers Movie line. Only instead of the arctic camo deco, he seems to be sporting a colorscheme more reminiscent of his original concept art! The wreckage image can be spotted here!