Henkei Thrust & Dirge Images Revealed!!!!

{mosimage}It's been a long couple of weeks waiting for TakaraTomy to reveal the final images of their upcoming Gentei Exclusive Thrust & Dirge, but the wait is over.  Ganbo-Store has uploaded close up images of both figures.  Both figures have newly molded wings (different than the wings given to Botcon versions – of which Thrust's were new).  They use the Ramjet head mold like the Botcon figures, but use Starscream's missiles rather than Ramjet's (for more G1 toy & cartoon accuracy).  Both figures feature color schemes reminiscent of their G1 appearances, and have new striping reminiscent of the Classics Seekers.  Both figures go up for preorder at 12 PM Thursday, Japanese time (only open to Japanese residents).  Dirge is a Toy Hobby Exclusive and Thrust is a Ganbo-Store Exclusive.

You can view the Ganbo-Store page hereDirge's preorder page here, and Thrust's preorder page here.  Finally you can discuss the images on our forums.