First Images of Bumper Battlers Workzone Bulkhead and Stealth Ninja Jazz

{mosimage} has been updated with new images for a couple of upcoming Transformers Animated Bumper Battler toys; Workzone Bulkhead and Stealth Ninja Jazz! Workzone Bulkhead is a more yellow-ish shade of green with a metallic purple bumper, and a logo on the side of the truck mode that reads "Bots At Work". Stealth Ninja Jazz is so stealthy that he seemingly eluded his new name and went with a bright silver deco accompanied with even brighter colors for his detailing. Expect these figures to show up on shelves after the wave with Lockdown and Soundwave. Click the links below to see the images:

Workzone Bulkhead
Stealth Ninja Jazz

And then click here to discuss the images on the Allspark. Thanks to Nevermore for pointing them out!