e-Hobby’s Official Photos of Henkei Cheetor, Hound & Cyclonus!!!

{mosimage} Find your Universe figures are not quite detailed or cartoon accurate enough for you?  Well TakaraTomy comes through again with their Henkei release of Hound, Cheetus (Cheetor), and Cyclonus!  Hound now features a darker green with gold stripes (like the original G1 figure) and a darker Ravage, Cheetor's robot parts are metallic like on the original Beast Wars show, and Cyclonus features a lighter color scheme (like the original cartoon) with a black with silver chrome Nightstick!

You can view Cyclonus, Cheetor, and Hound at e-Hobby's website, and discuss them on our forums.  Thanks to Megatoron for the links!