Diamond Comics TF December 3 Solicitations

{mosimage}Coming December 3rd from Diamond Comics:

  • Transformers Animated Arrival #5
  • Transformers Animated Arrival #5 (10 copy Optimus cover)
  • Best of UK: Time Wars #5
  • Best of UK: Time Wars #5 (10 copy retro cover)
  • Transformers Universe Robot Heroes AF ASST 200901 (Perceptor/Hardshell, Cheetor/Tankor, Sharkticon/Snarl)

Editor-in-chief Chris Ryall had updated his blog with releases coming on December 4, that of Maximum Dinobots #1 and the reprint of Dreamwave's More Than Meets The Eye Vol.2 TPB, but the correct date is still December 10.


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