Beast Wars Returns on DSvision

{mosimage}For those that forgot, "Beast Wars Returns" is the Japanese title for "Beast Machines" in the US. And yes, you read that right, it's being released on via the DSvision service for the Nintendo DS, courtesy of Grifter Prime over at Seibertron. DSvision, introduced back in November 2007 but implemented in Japan in July 2008, is a service that pretty much allows DS users to download movies/episodes (or comics, books, magazines) on to special microSD flash cards (which later plugs into the DS via special adapter cartridge) after paying a fee. Similar to iTunes, if you will – except only in Japan. BWR has 26 episodes released since October, each for 210 Yen (roughly $2 USD).

Click here to check out the site and episode list, here from Seibertron.